Being Prepared

Tryouts are a huge deal for a lot of people who enjoy football. This is there chance to show the coaches what they are made of and make the team. For this reason it is important to stay on top of things and now when tryouts are. Here is a timer for when tryouts begin:

Another mistake players make is not having the right equipment for the right position. Here are some buttons that will explain what equipment is besst for each position:
For lineman, it is better to have gloves that have padding because lineman constantly use their hands. For recievers the gloves they should use should be lightwieght and have good grip to catch the football.

For lineman, cleats that cover the ankle are better to have more protection on the ankles and provide more support. For recievers it is better to have lightweight cleats that are not ankle high so that they can run faster.

In football, it is generally better to have tight jerseys so that it is harder for other players to tackle you.

It is important to know the rules of football in order to be successful and become great at the game. To start, one of the basic things to learn is the scoring system for the game. There are three main ways to score in football. A player can either get a touchdown by bringing the ball into the endzone, the player can kick a field goal which is when the football is kicked between the goal posts, and finally after a touchdown is scored, the player can eitherkick the ball through the goal posts for one point, or score another touchdown for two points.

Now let's do a quick quiz to see if you know what a field goal is. How much points do you recieve for a field goal?